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2.4% contract

Any amount in the range of 0.01-1 BTC. Daily interest: 2.4%. Daily payout: 2.4%. Break-even: 42 days. Payments directly to your Bitcoin address. Valid for 365 days.

2.7% contract

Any amount in the range of 1-5 BTC. Daily interest: 2.7%. Daily payout: 2.7%. Break-even: 37 days. Payments directly to your Bitcoin address. Valid for 365 days.

3% contract

Any amount above 5 BTC. Daily interest: 3%. Daily payout: 3%. Break-even: 34 days. Payments directly to your Bitcoin address. Valid for 365 days.


Very efficient custom ASIC's

We use custom-designed scrypt mining hardware which is not available on open market. It allows us to offer our hashing power much cheaper.

We use very cheap electricity

Our geographical location allows us to enjoy the benefits of very low electricity costs.

Mining the best coins

Our multipool software automatically selects the most profitable altcoin to mine. Once mined it is immediately exchanged to Bitcoin

We offer fixed payout rates

Our payout rates are constructed to be not dependent on current Bitcoin exchange rate and do not fluctuate

Weeks of operation: 2


How do I start earning with cloud mining?

If you have Bitcoins you can start earning within minutes. Just send your deposit to the address at the top of the page, and receive the first payment during the first day at 9:00 p.m GMT . All subsequent payments will be sent to you daily too. Please use wallet or any desktop client to make a deposit with us.

How much money do I make?

Our payout rates depend on your deposit amount and reach 3% of your deposit daily. All the payments are sent daily. All contracts run for one year, and you can have as many contracts as you like. Within a year you can make up to 1095% of your deposit.

How are you able to pay that much?

We use very cheap electricity and very efficient hardware, which no other scrypt miners have. Our scrypt hardware is more efficient due to a sophisticated parallezations algorithms not used by other parties.

Is your operation transparent?

Yes, you can track all the deposits and payouts through blockchain.

What is Scrypt mining?

Scrypt is a family of algorithms which make digital currency mining more difficult and less exploitable by custom hardware due to requirements to used computer memory. Originally it was introduced as a way to prevent using custom hardware for Litecoin mining. Recently custom hardware was developed, which boosted the mining efficiency.

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